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Nollywood and Tribalism

Posted By : Big Brother on Thursday, 30 May 2013 | 08:28

Tribalism is one issues that has affects so many people negatively in Nigeria and it has eaten deep into the fabric of our society. One effect is that it leaves behind corruption, nepotism and lack of productivity. In the Nigerian setting, it is very widespread for some people to distinguish because of someone's ethnic background. Though in marriages, the topic is step-by-step being beaten as we have had inter-ethnic marriages, the menace is still very superior in most professions in Nigeria.

 In Nollywood, one does not need a soothsayer to understand that tribalism has taken over the commerce. It is widespread to glimpse this in most interest assemblies and associations formed in the industry. While those from the Yoruba tribe are dominant in the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners of Nigeria (ANTP), those from the Igbo extraction are famous in Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Interestingly, both groups represent the concerns of actors in Nollywood. identical vein, those in ANTP suffer inferiority convoluted when they are in the midst of AGN constituents. Only few from ANTP bivouac have had the bravery to blend with those in AGN. Also, when any of the assemblies organizes a events, it is very uncommon to glimpse representatives of other groups, although one person who desires to put an end to this issue of dichotomy in the video commerce in Nigeria is beautiful player, Halima Abubakar.

 In a brief talk with Talk Naija recently, the Kogi born Halima accepted that she has endured a allotment from tribalism in Nollywood. When inquired one thing she would like to change in Nollywood, Halima was fast to state it is “tribalism.” She said, “I have skilled tribalism, I know people would state it is a lie, but that is the truth.” “Why have those from a particular assembly not come out to people who are not specifically from their areas?” she inquired. “I have worked with Igbos, my marketer is Igbo, I have worked with a lot of them and I understand those I have not worked with, I have not seen the right functions for me yet, but I accept as true they will come. But how about others, who are individually shooting videos, does that signify those are the only set of actors in Nollywood? “I am not saying they should give me roles, but there are persons who want to glimpse fresh faces. We need to give other ones opening to showcase their talents,” she emphasized. The celebrated player although suggested that tribalism should be halted in Nollywood. “I am saying, stop tribalism and convey every person under the sunshade of AGN,” Halima said.
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