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DHL Forwarding sees big growth in Nigeria

Posted By : Big Brother on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 | 04:02

DHL international Forwarding has aforementioned the future of freight forwarding in Federal Republic of Nigeria appears promising, particularly for real operators.

Vice-President, DHL global Forwarding, Mr. Dominique von Orelli, further established that the boom within the telecoms business and also the expected transformation within the power sector gave a sign that the nation’s freight forwarding business and so the economy would witness a flip.

A statement by the company on Tuesday reported Orelli as giving the indication throughout his visit to Lagos and stressed that several established corporations were increasing that specialize in their core business, exploit the supplying to those specially originated to handle it.

He additionally said Nigeria’s massive population offered an excellent attraction for investors to expand and remodel their businesses.

He said, “There is plenty of growth in Africa, particularly Nigeria. we want to be a part of the growth. For us, Nigeria is on the highest of our business chart. we have a tendency to square measure looking at are of the country with its immense population. this can be {a place|an .a} we have a tendency to love to be as a corporation are are building our infrastructure here.

“Our focus on nigeria is essentially because of what is happening here; as well as what’s happening elsewhere. we see a big growth here. The boom in the telecoms industry and the steps being taken by the government to restore the power sector will drive the economy and make it very buoyant.”

And to demonstrate the boldness of the company within the African market, Orelli said DHL international Forwarding had established in twenty two countries on the continent, whereas its parent company, DHL, was already in fifty two nations.

The DHL vice-president noted though the company and indeed freight forwarders were in operation beneath a difficult setting with lots of political and economic crises in several countries of the globe, he was optimistic that there was an enormous growth chance for credible firms with international footprints.

He said, “As freight forwarders, we've to maneuver creatively to assist the customers and guarantee their businesses don't seem to be grounded. we additionally ought to restore the supply chain as before long as in our potential.

“And one among the key challenges we face is adapting to the ever-changing things like the protection arrangement and typically airlines’ restructuring.”

Orelli said the matter of port congestion in Federal Republic of Nigeria was worrisome however noted that the difficulty of inadequate and obsolete infrastructure was being addressed  through major instrumentation rehabilitation and improvement.

“As a freight forwarder, it's our duty to induce those things into the country as quickly as possible and obtain them cleared through the port,” he said.

He additionally spoke concerning the implication of his recent appointment as the DHL international Forwarding sponsor for Federal Republic of Nigeria, saying, “A lot of the time, I have to come to ascertain the customers within the country and convey the unity among the worldwide customers; i'll act more with the customers and obtain Federal Republic of Nigeria on the worldwide map.

“I ought to be ready to promote the brand in Nigeria and make certain the country is known by explaining a number of the constraints. we do this because of our interest to develop and able to our customers to grow well.”
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