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PDP hit with a serious ailment.

Posted By : Big Brother on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 | 10:46

PDP, that party that flatters itself as the biggest party in Africa is strapped to the death bed. It is hit with a serious ailment.
It is ravaged by schism and implosion from within to the extent that the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things have fallen apart for the party and mere anarchy and internal conflagration eats deep into the sinews of the party.
For a start, the PDP had been adept in managing the greed of the Nigerian politician. Not that the art itself is rocket science but with huge resources to play with, with no real commitment to delivering the much abused democratic dividends, the PDP had reached to the elephantine greed that fires Nigerian politics and had leveraged on such fantastic power containment template to meld the many fractures and tempests that have wracked the party since formation.
To the extent that the leaders of the party have come to believe that theirs is an impregnable forte, there has been a dangerous relegation of governance to meet the insatiable needs and interests of party chieftains, fixers, space fillers and hangers on. Nigeria has been the worst for the brand of politics PDP plays and every sector in the country is reeking from such diversion of resources to satiate the acerbic whims and caprices in the PDP.
From all possible indices, the umbrella which had rather excelled in shielding Nigeria from positive impacts of democracy is torn into shreds. The bevy of unethical and immoral Nigerians that have always converged under that rickety umbrella are in a free fight. PDP is set on an irreversible path of self destruction. It is presently being assailed by pangs of self immolation and unlike before, it is not blaming the opposition for its sordid fate. Selfishness and egotistic considerations are the factors that rule their present fight, as well as the legions of internal wars the party had been passing through since inception.

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